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Hello, I’m Kirstin Meyers. Welcome to the dwelling place of my thoughts!

If you find yourself weighing the injustices of the world or  you just want to live the best and truest life possible, then you’ll feel quite comfortable here. This is a place to consider the world around you and find a glimpse of the humanity in us all. In pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion, I learned to love the act of thinking and reflecting. I am still learning to share my thoughts through written format and hope that those skills will continue to grow.

I have settled in my new home of Peoria, IL where I live with my fiance, The Mister. I love to craft gifts for my gal friends and I am obsessed with chocolate dipped donuts! I enjoy doing anything that involves my family or being in the sunshine, but I MUST get a full 8 hours of sleep.

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