31 Days of Intentional Living: Finding a Spiritual Mentor

Today I am doing Day 5 of the 31 Days of Intentional Living Challenge. I spent my weekend tidying up and simplifying and I definitely still have more work to do. Day 4 was about eating my “frog”. Although I didn’t call the bakery (they were closed yesterday), I did help my fiance with a project that neither of us wanted to do! Helping him prepare for his final exams is wearing us both out, but because it was the first thing we did, we were able to enjoy a movie yesterday afternoon.

Today is one that I am not quite sure how I will handle:

Day 5: Why We Need A Spiritual Mentor

I must admit that I feel embarrassed of where my spirituality is right now. Having worked in and served in many churches, I was never going it alone on my spiritual journey. However, having moved out on my own and into a non-religious career field, I am finding it hard to stay connected to a church and to God. Perhaps, this is a bitter pill that I need to swallow. Perhaps, having someone to guide me who has been where I’ve been could be helpful.

Jenny suggests that having or being a spiritual mentor has many benefits.

Some of the benefits of having a spiritual mentor include:

  1. A spiritually mature mentor will help you grow into a Godly woman by showing you love and grace.
  2. A mentor will pay attention to what is happening in your life and will help you stay accountable when you are off track.
  3. A mentor will pray with you and for you.
  4. A mentor has grown into the woman she is and she can guide you with resources to help you grow.

Now, I can attest to these benefits because I have had spiritual mentors before. My first mentor was Allison Williams, a youth minister in my community who took me under wing and nourished my faith when I didn’t want to turn to the members of my home church. The second was Maxine Fay. She’s the grandmother of a dear friend of mine and I would meet with her for Bible study and prayer once a week while I was away in college. She helped me through forgiving someone who was hurting me badly. My third mentor was Zane Ridings. He was a mentor to me spiritually – teaching me about social justice – and academically – showing me the path to being successful in academia.

Each of these people was there when I needed them most, but we have since gone separate ways. I don’t remember ever asking any of these people to be my mentor, they just kind of fell into the role. But here are Jenny’s tips on searching for a mentor:

  • Pray- Ask God for help finding the right mentor for you.
  • Attend Bible studies with women of all age groups.
  • Read- There are many authors who can guide you with their books.  Authors such as Sally Clarkson and Elisabeth Elliot offer great wisdom in their books.  I have read many of Sally’s books and have considered her a “mothering” mentor for a long time!
  • Once you have a mentor, listen to her.  Respect her and ask her questions.  Use her experience as a guide for your growth!

SO, perhaps this is where I will begin. Prayer. And since I’m doing so much reading, I should pick up a book about mentor relationships. Why not take this step now! I’ll let you know what comes of this search.

Do you have a mentor?  If you do, how did you establish that relationship?  Do you know someone else that would be blessed by you mentoring them? Let me know in the comments below!


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