31 Days of Intentional Living: Simplify Your Life

“Simplify, Simplify.”

~Henry David Thoreau

It’s Day 3 of the 31 Days of Intentional Living Challenge. Yesterday, I chose a healthy habit to implement in my day-to-day life. Starting yesterday evening, I will be reading for at least 30 minutes each day after I get home from work. Check out my previous blog to see how I plan to stay on track!

Boy am I thankful the weekend is approaching as this next challenge might take some extra time.

Day 3: Simplify Your Life!

Jenny posed this question: How do you define simple living?

Goodness! Something called “simplicity” seems very complex to define. Living simply, in my mind, is clearing unwanted and unnecessary distractions, responsibilities, and physical or emotional crap out of one’s life. It seems like a more focused, INTENTIONAL, authentic, slow way of living. Jenny emphasized that there is no right or wrong way of defining simple living. Most importantly, we should know that simplicity is not one-size-fits-all!

Today’s challenge was: Jenny provided 12 tips to help us simplify our lives. Choose what works for you and aligns with your priorities and goals. I have chosen just a few to help me focus and SIMPLIFY! (But for your sake, I have listed them all.)

1. Learn to say “no” to be able to give your best “yes.”

This is my weakness. I hate saying no. And I love being helpful and involved. At this moment in time I am doing pretty much nothing. I work and come home to my fiance and it is blissfully slow. But there are many things knocking at my door. I am getting transferred to a new and more challenging job in my office. I have applied to graduate school for the fall. And my sorority wants me to help in some capacity. I offered to help the sorority last fall when I was still not doing a single thing. But now that I am about to embark on a new adventure, I’m nervous to say yes to another responsibility. I think it’s time to do some that evaluating my options to make the best decision for me. I want to give my best and not just what is leftover to each of my commitments.

2. Less Clutter = More Time.

Jenny asks a series of questions and I have to say I answered yes to more of them than I cared to. I spend so much time doing laundry when I do it. I want to eliminate clothes that I never wear. I have tons of makeup just sitting around that I will never use again. This is why I am glad it is the weekend. I will definitely be spending the next couple days clearing out some clutter and junk!

3. Less Multi-Tasking = More Focus

4. Less Worrying = More Happiness

5. Less Eating Out = Healthier Meals

6. Less Activity = More Margin & Flexibility

7. Less Comparing = More Contentment

8. Less Debt = More Saving

9. Speak Less, Listen More

10. Less Greed = More Giving

11. Less Chaos = More Routines

By creating and implementing a daily routine I could easily get control of the tasks and drudge that feels so overwhelming. Jenny suggests these 8 Tips to Save Your Sanity in the Morning! I certainly think more than one of them will be helpful to implement: Stay off the internet until you are completely ready, unload the dishwasher, move along the laundry load, and get something out for lunch and supper.

12. Less Technology = More Relationships

And if you’ve been reading my previous posts in this series, I seriously need to nix the social media and phone time. My fiance caught me on social media early this morning and swiftly reminded me that there are other things I could do. I want to continue to invest in our relationship, not my online presence.

I know that NONE of this will be easy. Stick with me here, guys! I report back at the end of the 31 days on how this keeps going.

How do you define simple living? Share your thoughts with me below!


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