Let’s Meet Up For Coffee!

If we were having coffee right now…

I would probably be cozy in my sweatpants. My hair pulled up and wrapped in a thick cloth headband. I’d definitely be going ham on a giant pastry and hoping you’d feel compelled to do the same. I’d be so glad to not be sitting at my desk and I’d be refreshed to have a full morning to enjoy the sunshine and the company.

We would certainly look nothing like this, but just look at them! They look fabulous!

You should know, I’m a firm believer that hot beverages create the most ideal settings. A hot beverage always brought me to the right mindset when it was time to write my exegesis or to start that term paper. A hot beverage can bring two people together in reconciliation. A hot beverage can help someone feel welcome in a new place, or open to conversation. Hot beverages create connections and the setting for two people to share.

In this connected and shared space, I’d tell you about my upcoming plans for the weekend. The Mister and I will be taking a camping trip! We’ve gone all summer without doing a trip for just the two of us. And as nice as it is to visit with family, we want a get-away before he starts classes next week. Did you know he only has one more year of school left before he can start his Criminal Justice career? I am so proud of how hard he has worked to get here. His mom would be so proud, too. I’m very excited for this trip, even if it is just right outside of town. I want to show him my camping skills and my fire making skills. I want to share an evening under the stars and a Saturday hiking the trails. There’s nothing better than the rest that you get after a day outdoors and a night sleeping in the fresh air.


Oh, and I had the wackiest dream last night! It was time for the wedding and instead of it being the guest list that we have been planning, tons of people from my hometown and high school showed up. And the church was double booked. And the minister was nowhere to be found. Multiple times throughout the dream I would get ready to put on the dress and The Mister would show up and I’d have to put it off longer. The wedding never happened, I woke up before that. The Mister had a pretty bad dream last night. I woke up to him crying out, “No. No. No. No. No.” I held him and spoke to him and he thrashed and finally sort of threw himself awake. It’s moments like that that I wish I could just take it all away. I want all things to be easy for him.

So speaking of the wedding, I found my dress! And we went to a wedding this weekend. And now I am super focused on wedding planning. We reserved the church yesterday and got a gym membership. I don’t need to lose weight, but I do want to maintain my weight and maybe get some Michelle Obama arms! That woman rocks. I even follow her on Snapchat!

Just look at her! Magnificent!
Photo credit:SAULOEB /AFP /Getty Images

Now, I suppose that if you were in front of me drinking coffee and hopefully laughing at the craziness of my dream, that I wouldn’t be rambling on like this. I’m much more of a listener than that. And I suppose that’s why I want to finish this blog post in a certain way.

If you were having coffee with me, what would you want to say?

Maybe you will write a post in response and tag me in it. Or maybe you’ll just share our coffee conversation in the comments below!

AND DON’T FORGET to tell me what you’d like to read from me. Just submit it on my Contact Me page!


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