Dear Future, Overwhelmed Self

Dear Future, Overwhelmed Self,

Today has been rough. You got to work and found out that you wrote the wrong amount on your rent check. You panicked and it ruined your morning and your lunch at home with The Mister. You’ve calmed down and are starting to get rid of that pit in your stomach. But because this has been a lifelong struggle, I know you will wind up here again – crying and gasping for breath and feeling absolutely worthless over the small things.

So first, let me ask you this question: Have you showered? Been outside? Had a hot beverage? Do one or all of these things, I promise you’ll feel better. Just separate yourself from the situation.


Anxiety is not your enemy, although you may be frustrated with it right now. These feelings are your friend. They are signaling to you that something is out of whack! And don’t you dare say one more time that it’s because you’re stupid or worthless. Maybe you’re not getting enough sleep. Or perhaps you’re out of routine. Maybe these feelings mean you need to slow down or readjust your focus. Is there a part of your life you’re forgetting? If so, let’s start blocking out some time to balance it all out.

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Future Self, maybe you should give up control of some things. Can The Mister scrub that toilet instead? Ask for help and accept it when it is given to you. I know we think we can do everything better than anyone else could, but the truth is – WE ARE HUMAN AND WE HAVE LIMITED TIME. So turn something over to someone else and do what is most important to you and how you want to feel. If you try to keep juggling all of this stuff, you’re going to keep dropping the ball.


The last and most important thing you need to know is that you are loved. You are worthy of love and you are loved by many. Call The Mister, call your mom, call your brother or your best friend. They have loved you through so many overwhelmed days. It’s not a flaw that they tolerate. They understand that you are in need of something. Let them love on you because you deserve it.

Don’t feel broken, because you’re not. You’ve gotten through it before and you’ll get through it again.

All of my love,




2 Comments Add yours

  1. sktzoringel says:

    Just remember 4 little words my mrs.!


    1. kmeyers12 says:

      Everything will be okay!


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