I’m Open to Suggestions

An occasional click of a mouse, some shuffling of papers – that’s all that I hear. Summer is a quiet time in our office. During college, there had to be coffee and easy music and a blanket and some snacks for me to write. But between phone calls and visitors and projects, that is when I write during my day. I know it won’t be like this much longer and writing will have to be much more intentional, but for now this is what works!


When I moved into this desk two months ago, the first thing to go was that awful catalog reference rack! It stood holding phone numbers and instructions and took up more than a foot of this desk. Then, the extra filing cabinet, where nothing was kept. My legs were now free to turn and swivel as I answer that big black phone. The phone directory is now pasted to a scrapbook paper background on my desk. A few reference sheets are clipped next to my phone for easy access. A sarcastic motivational poster hangs on the wall and that’s about it. I suppose I need to keep moving in. I’ve done my fair share of Pinterest searches for desk designs. It’s just a work in progress, like my blog.

This is Office Supply King‘s version of the paper organizer!

Which leads me to my next thought:

Would you help me write my blog? No, I don’t need you to literally come sit at work with me and tell me what to say! I want you to start sending me suggestions. If you have questions for me or you want to hear my thoughts on a topic, I am up for the challenge. Just go to my Contact Me page on my blog and give me some prompts! And for doing so, I will give you a gracious shout out and link in my post!

Thanks for visiting today! I promise tomorrow’s post will be much more inspired!


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