5 Things I Like

All of these “things” are getting a free endorsement from YOURS TRULY!


1. Peter Thomas Roth – CC Cream, Broad Spectrum SPF 30, Complexion Corrector


Look, I’m generally a cheap person, but this one is pricey. Last Friday night I went to JCPenney and wandered into the Sephora section quite unnoticed. After 5 minutes or so of looking at the different kiosks, I looked at my brother and said, “I’m lost. I don’t know what to buy.” So he nudged me up to the counter where I gave the  Sephora woman my most pathetic plea for help. She sat me in a chair and went away at finding me just the right foundation. And boy was it love at first swipe. That splotch of cream on my cheek was perfect. The color was great and the coverage was light (I’m not a big makeup person). Then I found out it was a SPF as well! So I made the investment in my first big girl purchase and voila!

2. Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts


I mean, COME ON! Look at these puppies! Give me a cup of milk and an 8 count box of these and I am one happy – sugar high – lady! I have an addiction. Oh, and they are almost ALWAYS half priced at Kroger.

3. Mika’s Bistro – Eureka, IL


Mika’s was a safe haven for me during my college years. It’s definitely undergone some changes as of late, but I have not seen any of them as negative. It’s small town setting creates a friendly and welcoming environment to have meetings, lunch dates, and long days of studying. The atmosphere is uplifting, the staff are absolutely fabulous, and the food is fresh! BUT my absolute favorite visit involved an early Saturday morning with a Dirty Chai and some Cinnamon Streussel Coffee Cake. If you are in the area, give this place a drop-in!

4. The Aristocats

becaue im a lady

This may be an animated Disney film from 1970, but it is no less charming and relevant today! On the surface, it is about a family of cats from a rich household who are kidnapped and have to find their way back home. However, it is filled with laughable moments, catchy songs, and a class-system defying love! And what woman doesn’t relate to Marie?

5. Billy Joel


“What man sings a love song to his piano?” I have laughed more than a few times when I hear “My Baby Grand” on Spotify. Billy Joel, that’s who! If you aren’t sure if you know his music, Google it – the list goes on and on. Whether you want to sip a glass of wine in the tub or dance around the apartment in your undies, he has a song for you! “Vienna” takes me into meditative trance. “She’s Always a Woman” makes me swoon. “Piano Man” reminds me of Delta Sigma Phi friends. And “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is the karaoke song of my dreams. And just look at those eyes!

 Are there any things you think I’d like?

Leave suggestions in the comments below!


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